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John Travolta says no to psychiatric medication

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

First Tom Cruise and now John Travolta – which celebrity will speak out next about treating an illness they have never experienced and have no real education about.

When Tom Cruise started the argument with Matt Lauer on the Today Show in 2005, I was deeply offended and terribly worried that his insensitive and uneducated comments would do harm to anyone that actually took stock in what he said. (Click here to read my original post on Tom Cruise)

Now John Travolta is sharing his uneducated opinion on psychiatric medication with the press. reported, “John Travolta says his thinking is in line with fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise, who has publicly defended the religion’s stance against psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry.”

The article continues with a quote from Travolta.

“I don’t want to create controversy; I just have an opinion on things, and there is nothing wrong with stating your opinion if you are asked,” he continues. “Everyone wants that right, and because you are famous doesn’t mean you have less of a right.”

I do agree that he has a right to his opinion, but worry about the dangers of sharing such a narrow minded opinion with the public.