Fighting Depression Naturally

Lately I’ve been looking for natural methods to help improve my depression and have found some great information through Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S.

I just finished listening to her audio seminar, “Lifting Depression Naturally” and found it very interesting. You can find the seminar on her audio seminar page – scroll down to click on the link she provides to play the audio.

Here are a few highlights:

One way to battle mild to moderate depression is through nutrition. Dr. Gittleman explains that depression has been linked with hypo-glycaemia (reactive low blood sugar) and suggests eliminating all gluten, dairy and yeast products. The best diet to overcome the hypo-glycemic response includes quality proteins, lots of fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds, moderate dairy and a small amount of fruits. Good fats (such as fish oil and flax seed oil) are also essential.

Consider using supplements that battle low blood sugar, such as chromium, glutamine, standardized ginseng extract, zinc and magnesium.

Having a GLA deficiency that can trigger depression. She believes GLA deficiencies can be genetic and warns that people with Scandinavian, Native American, Scottish, Celtic and Irish ancestry are most at risk.

Don’t forget the importance of Vitamin B and folic acid!

Although it seems like a lot of work, I’m willing to try a natural method for managing my depression. I’m going to give her suggestions a try and will let you know how it goes. First I need to go shopping. My cupboards are filled with all food it shouldn’t be!

2 Responses to “Fighting Depression Naturally”

  1. Ray Moro says:

    Depression is a western luxury. Not to say it doesn’t exist elsewhere, but who else but Americans have the abundant free time to worry so much about it?

    If you spent your day hunting food and defending your tribe you wouldn’t have time to be depressed.

    Rampant depression and obesity are just side effects of the post-industrial revolution way of life.

    Think about it… for a few million years humans were hunter gatherers. Only in relatively recent history do we have so much free time that we don’t know what to do with ourselves, and we fill it by shouting at the TV because “uh oh!” John Travolta said something. The modern American way of life is so full of conveniences that you seldom realize the extent to which you depend on others, and therefore care less about others, resulting in loss of community, feelings of being alone (even in the middle of a city), etc.

    I think all this depression crap is just a symptom of us coming to terms with our new and ever-more-convenient way of life.

    Plus couple that with the fact that we are on a daily basis exposed to images (ads, TV, etc.) of how people are “supposed to be.” And if we don’t match up, we get bummed out.

    Natural way to fight depression: instead of spending free time watching TV and worrying about what John Travolta says, volunteer at your church or youth center or something. Fill the free time with productive activities and I bet you’ll feel better.

    -just a guy

  2. jamieleggatt says:

    Thanks for your comment, Ray. It’s a little harsh, but I find that people who have never suffered with depression before don’t truly get that it is an illness and not just something to “get over”.

    We do see a lot of illnesses now that we didn’t see back in the hunter gatherer days, such as cancer, HIV/aids and many chronic illnesses like MS. Perhaps those illnesses are crap and they should just get over it too?